Your friend, P. V. Sathish, has invited you to attend the wedding of his sister, Jaya. You find that you  have an important paper of pre-board examination on the day of the wedding. Thus, you cannot  attend the event. Write in about 50 words a formal reply to the invitation expressing your regret.  You are Puneeta/ Puneeta Vij, M-114, Fort Road, Chennai.


Fort Road

8th March, 2022

Dear Satish,

1️⃣ Thank you for inviting me to attend your sister, Jaya’s wedding. 2️⃣But, I am sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to attend the same 3️⃣as I have my pre- board Maths paper on that day. 4️⃣Please give my heartiest congratulations to Java and her fiance.

Yours truly,



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