Due to heavy rainfall, the river near your town started overflowing its banks. As a result, your  town was flooded. It led to a great loss of life and property. Many N.G.O.s came forward to help the  people with food, shelter, and medicines. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper on  the tragedy and rescue efforts. You are Raghav/Ritika.



Flood Relief Program

-By Ritika

Guwahati, 10 July 2021 : The 1️⃣ incessant rain which continued for four days non-stop resulted in the river breaching the danger levels and caused heavy floods in our town. 2️⃣ Electricity supply was cut off. People were frightened and in panic. They had nowhere to go but just to stay indoors and pray.

3️⃣After sometime the volunteers of various NGOs working in coordination with the disaster management team showed up. 4️⃣They distributed relief materials including food and water. Some NGOs arranged for doctors to provide medical aid to the needy.

After the flood waters subsided, these 5️⃣volunteers assisted in rescue operations and clearing of debris . The united efforts of the NGOs helped in saving many lives and speedy revival of the normal life of the town dwellers.




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