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English Class 10

This question asked in [CBSE Delhi Set - III, 2019]

You are Ambica/ Mohit, Librarian, High Scope Public School, Hauz Khas, Delhi. Write a letter to  Jindal Publisher, Pratap Vihar, Delhi to place an order for English to Hindi dictionaries, illustrated  children’s encyclopedia, fiction books, etc., for your school library. Request them for a catalogue,  discount offered, mode of payment and time taken for delivery. (150-200 words)



High Scope Public School
Hauz Khas
3 April, 20xx

The Manager
Jindal Publishers
Pratap Vihar


Subject: Order for some books

Dear Sir,

We want to purchase the following books for our school library:

  1. Oxford English to Hindi Dictionary                10 copies
  2. Illustrated Children’s Encyclopedia              10 copies
  3. Short Fiction Stories by Toby                        10 copies

Please let us know when you will be able to supply the books, the normal discount offered to the educational institutions, and mode of payment. Also please send us the catalogue of books available with you so that we can place more orders accordingly.

Thanking You.


Yours faithfully,
Ambica Lamba (Librarian)


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