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This question asked in  [CBSE Outside Delhi, Set-I 2019]

As a health conscious person, you have noticed an advertisement in a newspaper on yoga classes in your  neighbourhood. Write a letter in 150 – 200 words to the Organiser, Yoga for Public, R.K. Puram, New Delhi  requesting him/her to send you information about the duration of the course and other relevant details. You  are Shweta/Srikar of 15, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.





15, RK Puram,

New Delhi


8 August, 2022


The Organiser

Yoga for Public,

RK Puram,

New Delhi


Subject: Enquiry about the ‘Yoga for public’ campaign.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

1️⃣ With the reference to your advertisement in The Times of India, dated 31st July,2022 , I, Srikar, am  2️⃣writing this letter to enquire about the ‘Yoga for public’ campaign that is going to be organised in our locality. 3️⃣I would like to know about the timings and duration of the camp along with the fees structure and 4️⃣if there is any discount for ‘early bird applicants’ .

5️⃣Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I believe that this is an excellent opportunity and would therefore like to enrol myself as early as possible. I can even help you spread the word in our locality as well.

Looking forward to a quick response from your side.

Thanking you


Yours Sincerely

Srikar Bharat

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