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This question asked in [CBSE Delhi Set-I 2020]

You are Vaibhavi Sinha, Examination In-charge, Goodway Public School, Aurobindo Road,  Indore. You require 4 reams of white paper, 2 packets of carbon paper, one dozen registers, blue  and red ball point pens (50 each). Place an order with Sunrise Stationary Mart, 12 Mall Road,  Indore mentioning terms of payment, discount asked by you and delivery date. (150-200 words)





Goodway Public School

Aurobindo Road,



8 August, 2022


The Sales Manager

Sunrise Stationery Mart,

12, Mall Road,



Subject: Placing an order request for stationary


Respected Sir/Ma’am

1️⃣Thank you for sharing your catalogue and free samples with us and  2️⃣I would like to tell you that we are satisfied with your prices and quality and would thus like to 3️⃣ place an order for the following items:

4️⃣ As per our agreed terms of payment , I am attaching a draft of 50% of the payment and will also be expecting a 10% discount. The rest of the payment will be made at the time of delivery and we are not liable for any damages incurred during transportation.

5️⃣We will be expecting the delivery in 15 days and hope that you will hold your side of the deal.

Thanking You


Yours Sincerely

Vaibhavi Sinha

(Examination In-Charge)

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