What is Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Education?

There are 3 levels of Education:

1. Primary Education

It focusses on basic level of education.

It is for age group upto 6-14 years old


2. Secondary Education

It focusses on education of students aged 14-18 years old

These student study in Class 9 to Class 12


3. Tertiary or Higher Education

It focusses on higher level of education in graduation, post graduation and professional courses

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On which Education, govt spends more amt of money and why?

Comparing Total Expenditure

Most of Govt expenditure is on Primary Education

It is because this level has highest no. of students


Comparing Education Cost per Student

Most money spent is on Tertiary Education

It is because expenditure on skilled teachers and infrastructure is the highest

Also no. of students taking tertiary education is very less


Is spending on elementary education same all over India?


There is a lot of regional disparties


In some states,per capita expenditure on education is very high. Example - Himachal Pradesh

However,in some states,per capital expenditure is very low. Example - Bihar


This leads to difference in educational opportunities over different states

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Different Primary Education Spending in Different Areas of India - Teachoo.JPG

What measures have Govt taken to promote higher education?

Free and Compulsory Education Act

In 2009

Govt made free education a fundamental right by enacting this Act


Education Cess

Govt enacted cess on all union taxes (Income tax) to collect funds to promote education

Earlier the rate was 2%, then increased to 3% and now it is 4%


What measures have Govt taken to promote primary education?

6% Target of Education Expenditure

Govt fixed education expenditure target of 6% of total expenditure

However, currently it has been able to achieve only 4%


Promotion of Higher Education

Govt has sanctioned a large amt of funds to promote higher education

It also has sanctioned new loan schemes to promote higher education


NCERT Questions

Question 3

Why do we observe regional differences in educational attainment in India?

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MCQ Other Books

Question 1

In the following questions, select the correct answers:

In the year _____, Indian Government made free and compulsory education for age group of 6-14 years.

  1. 2001
  2. 2009
  3. 2007
  4. 2008
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Question 2

How much educational cess has been imposed by the government on all union taxes?

  1. 1 percent
  2. 4 percent
  3. 2 percent
  4. 3 percent
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At which level of Education is Govt Spending Highest in India? Different Levels Of Education Primary Education Age 6 - 14 Class 1 - 8 Highest No of People Highest Expenditure Overall due to more no of students Secondary Education Age 14 -18 Class 9 - 12 Less people Higher or Tertiary Education Age 18+ Graduation/ Postgraduation Very less People Highest Expenditure per Student due to High cost of Education and less no of People Regional Disparity In Elementary Education Spending Different States or areas Variation or changes Primary Education Education Budget Different Primary Education Spending in Different Areas of India In Some States Higher Spending on Education per student Example Himachal Pradesh Rs 34,651 per person More opportunities for Students (higher literacy Rate) In Some States Lower Spending on Education per student Example Bihar Rs 4088 per person Less opportunities for Students (More dropouts)

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