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Class 10
Chapter 11 Class 10 - Human Eye and Colourful World (Term 1)

Assertion (A): A hypermetropic person prefers to  remove his spectacles, while driving.  

Reason (R): When a hypermetropic person wearing  the spectacles looks at a distant object, the parallel  rays from the distant object converge in front  of the retina. The image thus appears blurred.  



  • Hypermetropia or Far-sightedness is a condition where a person is able to see far off objects but the nearby objects appear blurry .
  • When a hypermetropic person wearing the spectacles looks at a distant object, the parallel rays from the distant object converge in  front of the retina . Thus, the image appears blurred, in  order to avoid blurry vision, the person prefers to remove his spectacles.  



  • Assertion is True
  • Reason is True
  • And reasoning is the correct explanation for assertion.


So, the correct answer is (a)

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