Study the given experimental set-up and answer the following questions.

The above experimental set up shows reaction  between metal - Teachoo.jpg


(a) The above experimental set up shows reaction  between metal and  

(i) Acid  

(ii) Metal carbonate  

(iii) Metal hydrogen carbonate  

(iv) Metal oxide  



In this experiment

  • We are detecting Hydrogen Gas
  • Here, a metal i.e . Zn is made to react with an acid like H 2 SO 4  the hydrogen gas released
  • Hydrogen gas burns with a pop sound when a burning candle is brought near it.



Thus, the experimental setup shows reaction between metal and acid

So, the correct option is (i)

(b) Which gas is liberated during the process?   

(i) Hydrogen gas  

(ii) Carbon dioxide gas  

(iii) Nitrogen gas  

(iv) Hydrogen sulphide gas  



During the reaction between a metal and an acid ,  hydrogen gas is released

The reaction is as follows:


So, the correct option is (i) Hydrogen gas


(c) Write the products formed in the above process:  

(i) Zinc sulphate only  

(ii) Only hydrogen gas  

(iii) Zinc sulphate and hydrogen gas  

(iv) Zinc sulphide and hydrogen gas  



The reaction of Zn with H2O4 is as follows:


Thus, the products formed are

  • Zinc sulphate 
  • Hydrogen gas


So, the correct option is (iii) 


(d) A new product sodium zincate is formed if  sulphuric acid is replaced with:   

(i) Sodium hydroxide  

(ii) Sodium oxide  

(iii) Zinc oxide  

(iv) water  



When Zn is made to react with a base, i.e. sodium hydroxide, the following reaction takes place:


So, the correct option is (i) Sodium hydroxide

  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 2 Class 10 - Acids, Bases and Salts (Term 1)

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