As per GST Rule,
Following condition must be satisfied for claiming ITC
  1. Person should be in possession of Invoice/Debit Note/Other Documents
  2. Person has Received Goods/Service
  3. Tax Charged has Actually been paid to Government by seller
  4. Seller has furnished GST Return showing sales (supply)
Hence ,it is important to have possession of invoice+possession of goods to claim ITC
Suppose Goods Sold by A to B on 31 Jan but B Receive goods on 1 Feb
In this case, Invoice Date is 31 Jan and Goods Receive on 1 Feb
Both possession of goods and possession of invoice happens on 1 Feb
So ITC available on 1 Feb
For Sales, we consider Invoice Date
For purchase, we consider Receipt Date


When is ITC Available -On Bill Date or Receipt Date.jpg

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Input Available on Date Goods received in Premises and Not Invoice Date However on Sales, Output to be Given as per Date of Invoice A B (Delhi) (Mumbai) Goods sent on 30 th Sep Goods received on 3 rd Oct A will show Sales on 30 th Sep B will show Input on 3 rd Oct Suppose A Makes Sales to B

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