Government has made a list of expenses on which Input Tax Credit will not be available

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Government does not allow GST Charged on food items 
But if we are in food business ,we can claim ITC of the same
What is blocked Credit
These expenses on which Input is not available are called Blocked Credit as per Section 17(5)
Note-If expenses is not falling in this list, ITC will be available
Detailed Blocked Credit list
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Lets understand different parts of this list one by one


WHETHER ITC AVAILABLE ON ALL EXPENSES • Food Items • Catering • Life and Medical Insurance • Leave Travel • Passenger Transport* • Food Purchased by food Business • Catering taken by Catering Business • Stock Insurance • Official Travel • All other goods for Official Use like Stationary for Office • Goods for Personal Use like Stationary for Children • Goods Transport Example Example CERTAIN EXPENSES ALL OTHER EXPENSES No ITC ITC Available

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