Employee benefits are in nature of salary
Since no GST applicable on salary, no GST on this employee benefits also

Example 1

Suppose we hire an employee at a salary of 60000 pm

Is any GST applicable on employee salary

Can we take ITC of it?

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Example 2

Suppose we reduce employee salary to 40000

and we provide different benefits to employee of 20000 

and we claim ITC of GST on this 20000

Is this allowed

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SALARY TO EMPLOYEE 60000 PM Option 1 Option 2 SALARY But no ITC of these Employee Benefit expenses 60000 BASIC SALARY 40000 FREE FOOD 5000 FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP 4000 FREE LIFE INSURANCE 1000 FREE MEDICAL INSURANCE 2000 FREE COMPANY CAB 8000 TOTAL 60000 No Gst on Salary So No Input GST Charged on these expenses teachoo.com

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