It is used to show Distance Travelled and Time Taken on a graph paper


Time Taken is shown on x axis

Distance is shown on y axis


Distance Time Graph for Uniform Speed

Suppose an object travells at Uniform speed of 50 km/hour

It means

Distance Travelled
0 0
1 50
2 100
3 150
4 200

Plotting it in Graph

We show

Time on x axis

Distance on y axis

Distance time Graph for uniform spedd.jpg


Distance Time Graph for Object Moving at Non Uniform Speed

Suppose an object travels at of 30 km/hour in first hour,50 km/hr in second hour,100 km in third hour ,140 km in fourth hour

It means

Distance Travelled
0 0
1 20
2 70
3 150
4 200

Distance time Graph for non uniform spedd.jpg


Distance Time Graph in case of Stationary Object

In case of Stationary object,Distance Travelled does not change

Suppose Distance travelled in 1 hour,2 hour ,3 hours remains fixed at 100 km

In this case Distance time graph will be as follows

Distance time Graph for objecet at Rest.jpg

Finding Velocity from Distance-Time Graph

finding velocity form.jpg

Summary Of Distance Time Graph


Distance time Graph Sumaary.jpg


NCERT Question 6 - Fig 8.11 shows the distance-time graph of three objects A,B and C. Study the graph and answer the following questions:

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  1. Class 9
  2. Chapter 8 Class 9 - Motion

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