1. We should take balanced diet
  2. We should exercise regularly
  3. We should maintain good personal hygiene
  4. We should stay away from drugs and junk food


What is balanced diet?

It is a diet in which all proteins, carbohydrates,fats,vitamins are in required proportions


Indian Meal of Dal, Roti, Rice and Vegetables is Balanced Diet

For infants, mothers milk is also balanced diet as it has all nutrients



Why should adolescents take balanced diet?

In Adolescence,there is rapid growth and development

So we should get balance diet so that we get all nutrients,vitamins and minerals for adequate growth

We should not eat junk food as it does not have all nutrients and make us fat


Why should we maintain personal hygiene?

Maintaining personal hygiene means bathing daily, and keeping all parts of the body clean.

We should maintain personal hygiene to prevent bacterial infection.

For example -  Skin Infection occurs when certain types of bacteria enter through a cut or crack in the skin

Girls should take special care of cleanliness during the time of menstrual flow. They should keep track of their menstrual cycle and be prepared for the onset of menstruation


Why we should say no to Drugs?

We should not take drugs because

  • They are addictive
    If we have them once ,we would get the habit of having them again and again
  • They are bad for health
    They affect both physical health and mental health



NCERT Question 7 (a) - Choose the correct option.

(a) Adolescents should be careful about what they eat, because

(i) proper diet develops their brains.

(ii) proper diet is needed for the rapid growth taking place in their body.

(iii) adolescents feel hungry all the time.

(iv) taste buds are well developed in teenagers.

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NCERT Question 7 (c) -  Choose the correct option.

The right meal for adolescents consists of

(i) chips, noodles, coke.

(ii) chapati, dal, vegetables.

(iii) rice, noodles and burger.

(iv) vegetable cutlets, chips and lemon drink.

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