Choose the correct option.

(a) Adolescents should be careful about what they eat, because

    (i) proper diet develops their brains.

    (ii) proper diet is needed for the rapid growth taking place in their body.

    (iii) adolescents feel hungry all the time.

    (iv) taste buds are well developed in teenagers.

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(b) Reproductive age in women starts when their

    (i) menstruation starts.

   (ii) breasts start developing.

  (iii) body weight increases.

  (iv) height increases.


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(c) The right meal for adolescents consists of

  (i) chips, noodles, coke.

 (ii) chapati, dal, vegetables.

 (iii) rice, noodles and burger.

 (iv) vegetable cutlets, chips and lemon drink.

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  1. Class 8
  2. Chapter 10 Class 8 - Reaching The Age Of Adolescence

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