Different Reproductive Phases in Human Beings



Reproductive phase begins at around 12 years

Reproductive phase begins at around 10-12 years  (1-2 years earlier than males) when menstruation starts 

Male Reproductive Organs - Penis and testes are developed. They produce sperm

Female reproductive organs - Ovaries,oviducts and uterus are developed. They which produce ovams

Hormone released by body is Testosterone which help in increase in muscles and body hair

Hormone released by body is Estrogen which help in growth of breasts

Reproductive phase lasts till old age

Reproductive phase lasts till 45-50 years

No menstruation is observed in men

Females have menstruation (bleeding) once a month



NCERT Question 7 (b) - Choose the correct option

Reproductive age in women starts when their

(i) menstruation starts.

(ii) breasts start developing.

(iii) body weight increases.

(iv) height increases.

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