What is menstruation?

Bleeding from uterus is called menstruation or menstrual flow

It occurs every month in woman  (and is not observed in men)

It begins from puberty till the age of 45-50 years

Reason for Menstruation

When females reach puberty, they develop ovaries

Ovaries release ovum (egg)

One ovum matures once in a month (28-30 days)

Uterus develops a thick wall to receive fertilised egg

If this ovum is fertilized by egg, it leads to pregnancy

If it is not fertilized,the egg ,thick lining of uterus and blood vessel are shed by body

This leads to bleeding in girls and is called menstruation or menstrual flow

It lasts for 2 to 8 days.

This cycle repeats every month and is called menstrual cycle.

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What is menarche?

First time menstruation (bleeding) is called menarche

Women get menarche at time of puberty(10-12 years)


What is menopause?

At 45-50 years of age, menstruation (bleeding) stops. This is called menopause.

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