Characteristics of body  which help to distinguish between male and females are called sexual characters


They are of 2 types


Primary Sexual Characteristics

The sexual characteristics which are present at birth are called primary sexual characteristics

They help to distinguish male and females

These are the different reproductive organs of males and females


Males have penis and testes

Females have uterus, ovaries and oviducts

Image - Merge Penis and Ovaries from chapter 9 class 8


Secondary Sexual Characteristics

The sexual characteristics that are not present at birth but develop later at time of puberty

They also help to distinguish between males and females



In males

  • Growth of facial hair i.e moustaches and beard
  • Shoulders and chest become broad
  • Adam’s apple develops in front of throat
  • They develop a deep or a hoarse voice


In Females

  • Development of breast
  • Hips broaden and become more curved
  • They develop a High pitched voice

Make image of primary and secondary




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