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Development of Sex Organs

In Males, penis and testes enlarge

In  Females, develop ovaries, oviducts and uterus enlarge


Increase in Height

Height of both boys and girls increase

Initially girls grow faster than boys. Both reach maximum height around 18 years of age


Change in body Shape

Broad shoulders and muscles develop in boys

Breasts develop in females and the region below the waist becomes wider


Change In Voice

The growth of voice box or Larynx in boys is much more than in girls.

The bigger voice box in boys gives deeper voice (low pitched voice) to boys.

The smaller voice box in girls gives shrill voice (high pitched voice) to girls.


Increase In Sweat and Oil Glands (Sebaceous glands)

This leads to acne and pimples in both boys and girls


Mental changes

Brain has greatest capacity to learn during this period

People spend lot of time thinking and become self conscious


Hair Appearance

There is hair appearance in underarms, arms and legs


Comparison Male and Female Changes on Puberty





Changes in Body

Broad Shoulders

Development of Facial Hair

Breasts Develop

Hips become wide

Reproductive Organ s

Testes and Penis become larger

Ovaries,oviducts and uterus enlarge

Gamete Released




Voice becomes hoarse

Adam's apple develop

Voice becomes shrill

(No Adam’s apple develops)


Boys do not get experience menstruation

Female gets monthly bleeding from uterus  which is called periods or menstruation

Common Changes


Increase in Height

Increase in Height


Development of Sweat Glands

Development of Sweat Glands


Mental and Emotional Changes

Mental and Emotional Changes


NCERT Question 4 - List changes in the body that take place at puberty 

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