Increase in overall temperature of earth’s atmosphere is called global warming

It is caused by increase in carbon dioxide level in atmosphere


The level of carbon dioxide is increasing due to

  • Increase in Human Activities
    Release of Carbon dioxide by more and more vehicles and factories
  • Cutting of Trees and Forests
    Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen
    If more and more trees are cut,then level of carbon dioxide rises

How does Carbon dioxide causes Global Warming

More Carbon dioxide causes more greenhouse effect and traps more and more heat

This leads to global warming

It causes melting of glaciers due to which water level of sea rises

Many cities near sea submerge in water


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Hwo Does co2 Global Warming More factories & more vehicles Relasese more & more co2 Cutting More trees Less co2 converted into oxygen more co2 Traps more heat (Green house Effect) Causes Global warming (Raises Global Temperrature Melting of glaciers Increase in sea leveles cities submerege in water

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