Harmful effects of burning fuel are

  1. Burning of Wood and Coal Releases Unburnt Carbon Particles
    This cause asthma(lung diseases or respiratory disease)

       2.Burning of all Fuels Release Carbon Dioxide 

          This is responsible for global warming

      3. Burning of Petrol, Diesel produces Sulphur dioxide
          Also vehicles produce nitrogen dioxide
         These reach the atmosphere,mix with rain water in clouds and form acids
         This rain is called acid rain
          it is harmful for crops,building and soil

     4.Incomplete combustion of fuel produces carbon monoxide

        This is a very poisonous gas which can even kill a person



Why we should never sleep in a room with smouldering(burning) coal fire?

Burning of Wood and Coal release unburnt carbon particles

This cause asthma (lung diseases or respiratory disease)



Harmful Effects of Burning Fuel Complete Combustion (Complete Burning) Releases Unburnt Carbon Particles Releases Carbon Dioxide Release Sulphur dioxide Causes Asthma Respiratory Diseases Example Burning of wood, coal Causes Global Warming Example All fuels Causes Acid Rain Example Burning of coal, diesel Incomplete Combustion (Burning) Releases Carbon Monoxide Poisonous Gas Can kill people

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