There are 3 Essential Requirements for Producing Fire

  • Fuel
    Presence of Fuel (Combustible Substance)
  • Air
    Presence of Air to supply oxygen
  • Heat
    Presence of Heat to reach ignition temperature




Let's study it one by one

Presence of Fuel  

Fire can be produced only with help of a fuel or combustible substance

Substance which reacts with oxygen to produce heat is called combustible substance or fuel

Example - Coal, Petrol, Diesel


Presence of Air

Air is required to supply oxygen

If there is no air, then combustion is not possible


Presence of Heat

Heat is required to raise temperature beyond ignition temperature

An object catches fire only when ignition temperature is reached



When a matchstick is lighted, it causes fire

This happens because all 3 conditions are satisfied

  • Fuel
    Chemicals on side of matchbox act as fuel(combustible substance)
  • Air
    When Matchstick is lighted,oxygen is available in the air which supports lighting
  • Ignition Temperature
    When matchstick is rubbed on sides of matchbox,it produces heat due to friction
    Due to which fuel reaches its ignition temperature



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Essential Requirements for Producing Fire Fuel + Air + Heat = Fire Substance which undergoes combustion Air supplies oxygen To reach ignition point

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