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Chapter 6 Class 8 - Combustion And Flame

Get NCERT Solutions, Notes and Worksheets of Chapter 6 Class 8 Science - Combustion and Flame at teachoo. 

In this chapter, we first explain the topics, and then solve the NCERT Questions. Some additional questions and worksheets are also provided for your practice. For revision, you can also check out the notes.


Let's look at the topics covered in this chapter. The topics included in the chapter are - 

  • What is Combustion
  • What are combustible and Incombustible Substances
  • What is Ignition Temperature
  • What are the conditions necessary for Combustion
  • How can we control fire?
  • Different Types of Combustion

  • Flame

  • Structure of a Candle Flame

  • What is Fuel

  • What is Calorific Value of Fuel?

  • What is an Ideal Fuel?

  • Harmful Effects of Burning Fuel

  • What is Global Warming?

  • What are inflammable substances? 

  • Does sun undergo combustion?

  • Why water is not suitable for fires of oil and petrol?

  • Why Carbon Dioxide is the best extinguisher for fire involving electrical equipments?

  • How do Goldsmiths melt gold and silver?

  • What is Acid Rain?

  • Why we should use CNG in place of diesel and petrol?

  • How does forest fires occur?

  • How to start a coal fire?


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