A candle flame has 3 parts - innermost zone, middle zone and outer zone

Innermost Zone (Dark)

It is the innermost zone

It is least hot part of flame

It is unburnt part of flame containing wax vapours as combustion is not completed because of lack of oxygen

Middle Zone (Yellow)

It is the Luminous Zone (it means that it produces light)

It is middle most part of flame

It is most luminous(produces most light)

There is partial combustion so it is moderately hot

It is of yellow colour

Other Zone (Blue)

It is the non Luminous Zone (it means that it does not produce light)

It is outermost part of flame

It is of blue colour

There is complete combustion here, hence it is very hot





NCERT Question 13 - Abida and Ramesh were doing an experiment in which water was to be heated in a beaker. Abida kept the beaker near the wick in the yellow part of the candle flame. Ramesh kept the beaker in the outermost part of the flame. Whose water will get heated in a shorter time?
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Which zone of the flame should the goldsmith use for melting metals?

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  1. Class 8
  2. Chapter 6 Class 8 - Combustion And Flame


Non luminous Zone (Blue) it is the hottest Part luminouse zone (yellow) it si moderaterly hot Dark zone (Black) it is least Hot Wick candle wax candle

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