Rapid Combustion

It is a combustion in which a large amount of heat and light is produced in a short time

In easy language,It is a combustion in which a substance burns very fast


When we light a matchstick and bring it near stove,it produces fire rapidly(very fast)


Spontaneous Combustion

Material suddenly burns on its own without any external heat

It happens in case of objects having low ignition temperature


Coal dust in coal mines gets suddenly heated causing fires

White phosphorus burns in air at room temperature


Explosive Combustion(Explosion)

It is a type of combustion in which large amount of gas is formed with heat, light, sound


Lighting of cracker on festivals



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  2. Chapter 6 Class 8 - Combustion And Flame


Different Types of Combustions Rapid Combustion Spontaneous Explosion Combustion is very fast Example Matchstick near stove Combustion is on its own Example Coal Dust in Coal Mines Combustion causes Heat, Light, Sound Example Fire Crackers

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