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They are of 4 major groups

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa
  • Algae


Apart from this, there are Virus which are also microorganisms, but they are different than other Microorganisms. They grow only inside cells of other plants and animals


Different Microorganism Definition and Examples


Diff Types of Microorganisms




They are small single cell organisms.Their cell have cell wall but no nucleus.They can be - spherical, spiral or Rod shaped

Lactobacillus Bacteria, Rhizobium Bacteria


They are animal like microorganisms. Many of them are parasites and feed on other organisms

Amoeba, Paramecium


They are plant like microorganisms.

They contain chlorophyll and do photosynthesis to make food




They are small organisms which have nucleus.They look like plants, but they cannot make their food like plants. They do not have chlorophyll and do not do photosynthesis

Yeasts, Moulds


What are Virus?

Virus are microorganisms which reproduce only inside cells of other plants and animals.

They are agents of disease

  • Virus cause cold and flu (influenza).
  • Virus cause serious diseases like chicken pox and Polio






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