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What are the major groups of microorganisms?



They are of 5 major groups

Bacteria - They are small single cell organisms.Their cell have cell wall but no nucleus.They are of 2 types Spherical and Rod shaped.Example Lactobacillus Bacteria,Rhizobium Bacteria

Fungi - They are small organisms which have nucleus.They do not  contain chlorophyll and do photosynthesise.Example of Fungi is Bread and Mushrooms


Protozoa - Protozoa can be single celled or multi celled organisms.They are motile in nature(able to move)

Algae - Algae are simple plants that grow near the water bodies>Example are blue green algae and Red algae

Virus - They reproduce and live inside cells of other plants,animals or bacteria.Example Virus cause cold and flu (influenza).They also cause serious disease like polio and chickenpox


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