Match the organisms in Column I with their action in Column II

Column I

Column II

(i) Bacteria

(a) Fixing Nitrogen

(ii) Rhizobium

(b) Setting of curd

(iii) Lactobacillus

(c) Baking of bread

(iv) Yeast

(d) Causing Malaria

(v) A protozoan

(e) Causing Cholera

(vi) A Virus

(f) Causing AIDS


(g) Producing antibodies


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Column I Column II (i) Bacteria (e) Causing Cholera (ii) Rhizobium (a) Fixing Nitrogen (iii) Lactobacillus (b) Setting of curd (iv) Yeast (c) Baking of bread (v) A protozoan (d) Causing Malaria (vi) A Virus (f) Causing AIDS

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