What is Food Preservation

It means preventing food from spoiling and getting rotten

How to Preserve Food by Different Methods?

It is done by adding preservatives like salt,sugar etc to food

Let’s see different methods


Preservation by Common Salt

Common salt is used on Meat and Fish to prevent growth of bacterias.

Common salt is also used to preserve fruits such as Raw Mangoes, Lemon and Amla.


Preservation by Sugar

It is used in case of jam,squash and jellies

Fruits that are preserved in the form of jam and jellies are Apple,Mango,Strawberry,Guava,Orange etc

Sugar reduces moisture,so bacteria cannot grow


Preservation by Oil and Vinegar

It  is used in case of pickles to preserve fruits such as Raw Mangoes, Lemon

It also prevent growth of bacteria


Heat  Treatment

Milk is boiled to kill microorganisms so that milk can last longer


Cold Treatment

Food is stored in refrigerator.This prevents growth of microorganisms as the cannot grow in cold temperature


Storing and Packing in Air Tight Containers

This is done in air tight containers.so Microorganisms cannot reach food through air



What are preservatives?

Substance which is used to preserve food(prevent food from getting spoiled) is called preservatives

Example Salt, Sugar, Oil, Vinegar

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