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For a square matrix A, if

AB = BA = I


Then, B is the inverse of A

i.e. B = A −1


We will find inverse of a matrix by

Note: Since AB = BA = I

We can say B is the inverse of A.

i.e. B = A −1


We can also say,

A is the inverse of B

i.e. A = B −1

Thus, for inverse

We can write

  AA −1 = A −1 A = I

Where I is identity matrix of the same order as A


Let’s look at same properties of Inverse.


Properties of Inverse

  1. For  a matrix A,
    A −1 is unique, i.e., there is only one inverse of a matrix
  2. (A −1 ) −1   = A
  3. (kA) -1 = 1/k A -1  

    Note: This is different from

    (kA) T = k A T

  4. (A -1 ) T = (A T ) -1

  5. (A + B) -1 = A -1 + B -1

  6.  (AB) -1 = B -1 A -1



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