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We can add or subtract matrices only if they are of the same order


Let’s actually add them.

When adding two matrices, each corresponding element gets added

Addition & Subtraction of Matrices - Part 2


Addition & Subtraction of Matrices - Part 3

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Example [■8(3&2@1&4)][■8(3&2@1&4@5&3)] We cannot add them But we can add [■8(3&2@1&4)][■8(−9&2@−1&3)] We can add them [■8(3&2@1&4@5&3)][■8(−2&5@−8&12@0&−18)] We can add them [■8(3&2@1&4)]+ [■8(−9&2@−1&3)] =[■8(3+(−9)&2+2@1+(−1)&4+3)] =[■8(−6&4@0&7)] [■8(3&2@1&4@5&3)]−[■8(−2&5@−8&12@0&−18)] =[■8(3−(−2)&2−5@1−(−8)&4−12@5−0&3−(−18))] =[■8(3+2&−3@1+8&−8@5&3 +18)] =[■8(5&−3@9&−8@5&21)]

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