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1. Telephone Bill Received from Bharti Airtel Rs 2500 on 14 August. Amt paid by Cheque on 17 August

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2.Professional Service Bill received from CA Amit Aggarwal Rs 10000.Amount not yet paid

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3.The company entered into contract with Maxwell and Co to provide technical service of Rs 200000 on 20 Jan. As per terms, Rs 40000 was paid in advance ON 22 Jan. Maxwell completed its work and sent its bill for technical service of Rs 200000 on 28 Jan and Balance was paid on 29 Jan

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4.Pizza for employees spent by Miss Nisha for Rs 500 from HR Department and then claimed out of petty cash

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5.Mr Sanjeev Kumar a Sales Manager went on official tour and took Rs 10000 cheque as advance for expense to be incurred After coming back from tour ,MrSanjeev submitted an expense report claiming expense incurred as follows


Name Of Expense Amt Spent Amt Allowed as per Company Policy
Taxi 15000 10000
Hotel 10000 8000
Sight Seeing 5000 0
Total 30000 18000

 Balance amount as per Company policy was paid to him by transfer to bank account

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6.Mr Rahul,an Admin Executive took advance of Rs 500 for purchase of items for office toilet He purchased items for  Rs 350 as per bill submitted to him of Ghai Store and duly returned balance Rs 150.

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7.Goods purchased

AK Trading Co

Item A 20000 Kg @ 10/kg  200000

Item B 50000 Kg @ 8/kg   400000

Total                                     600000

Amount paid by RTGS


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8.Stationary Purchased

Gupta Stationary

Office files 500 pcs*12=6000

Pen 20 pcs*15=300

Total  6300

Amount paid by cash

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9.Office taken on rent from Ansal Properties @ Rs 15000 p.m.

One month rent and 2 month security deposit given by cheque

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10. Cash Introduced As Share Capital 20 Lacs

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11. Cash Deposit In Bank 18 Lacs

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12. Sales Made To A Ltd Of 8 Lacs (40000 Kg*20 Each)

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13. Cash Sales Made 1 Lacs 

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