Let's take an example to learn about passing payment entries in Tally ERP9



Suppose Rs 2000 paid to Airtel by Cheque of ICICI Bank on 1 July


Entry will be

Airtel Dr 2000

       To ICICI Bank 2000

Airtel is a Sundry Creditor and ICICI Bank is a Bank Account




How to Pass Entry

Accounting Voucher -> Select Date -> Select Type of Entry -> Select Payment Voucher


There are 2 options

  1. Pass in Single Entry Mode (which appears by default)

           Select Payment by…..Cash or Cheque

           Put payment to…………(Select Party Name,,to Create---Alt C)


  1. Pass in Double Entry

        F12 Configure -> Put Single Entry No -> Put Debit Credit Yes -> Enter Enter or Ctrl A



We know that Payment Entry is of form

Party Dr

      To Bank/Cash




Expense Dr

     To Bank/Cash


Relevant Groups while Creating Ledger

  • Bank is created under Group Bank Account,
  • Party is normally under Sundry Creditor to whom we are making payment
  • Expense is under Direct Expense or Indirect Expense
  • Cash Account is already created in tally by default)



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