We know that there are   6 types of Accounting Vouchers in tally

For every entry we have to think which type of entry



Pass the following entries in Tally

Maintenance Charges Bill Received from SK Associates  Rs 2500,Amt paid by Cheque of SBI Bank

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Furniture purchased from DK Furnishers Rs 10000,Amt paid by Cash

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Security Service Bill Received from Ravi Security Agency, Amt not yet paid

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Professional Service Bill received from CA Amit Gupta Rs 40000

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Salary paid to employees A,B,C,D and E Rs 15000 eac h by cash

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The company entered into contract with Alex and Co to provide Consultancy service of Rs 20000 on 20 Jan. As per terms, Rs 4000 was paid in advance by cheque of SBI Bank ON 22 Jan. Maxwell completed its work and sent its bill for technical service of Rs 20000 on 28 Jan and Balance 16000 was paid on 29 Ja n by cash

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Loan taken from Director Ajay Patel Rs 200000 by cheque @12% p.a for 1 month

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