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Just by adding 's'

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Just by adding 'es

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Just by adding 'en

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Change Y into 'IES'

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Change F with 'VES'

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  1. Some Nouns have Same Singular and Plural


    1. Spacecraft − Spacecraft
    2. Sheep − Sheep
    3. Pair − Pair
    4. Species − Species

  2. Some Nouns are Only used in Plural


    1. Scissors
    2. Spectacles
    3. Tongs
    4. Headphones

  3. Some Nouns are Singular but end with s


    1. News
    2. Jeans
    3. Trousers
    4. drawers

  4. Some Nouns are actually Singular but appear Plural


    1. Police − Police
    2. Family − Family
    3. Army − Army
    4. Committee − Committee 

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