Important Prepositions for Place



Used for large places like a city or a country

Example :

I live in Canada



used for smaller places like floor or road

Example :

I live at  90 Bedford Street



belong to which place

Example :

I am from India


from and to

coming from which place and going to which place

Example :

I am coming from Canada and going to Germany


next to

for next building or landmark

Example :

My office is next to the International Airport



any place or building close to the place

Example :

My home is near to Delhi Public School


live in live at.jpg



He lives …. New Delhi?

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He lives … twelfth floor?

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He lives ….. Ashoka Road?

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I met him …. a wedding

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Dwayne Johnson belongs .... Hawaii

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The aeroplane is coming .... India and going .... Canada

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The wedding  is .... Tivoli Gardens....the temple

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My house is .... the mall

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