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Given below are certain situations. Analyze and describe its possible impact on a person:

(a) Testes of a male boy are not able to descend into scrotum during his embryonic development.



If the testes of a male boy are not able to descend into scrotum, the sperm production will be hampered. This is because the production of sperm requires a temperature 1-2° lower than the normal body temperature which is provided by the scrotum.


(b) Vas deferens of a man is plugged.



Vas deferens is a passage for the sperms to urethra. If it is blocked, the transfer of sperms further will not be possible. This will lead to infertility in that male.


(c) Prostate and seminal vesicles are not functional.



The function of prostate and seminal vesicles is to produce different secretions which mix with the sperm to form semen. The function of these secretions is to provide nourishment to the sperm and also to provide a medium for their transport. If prostate gland and seminal vesicles are not functional, secretions will not be produced.


(d) Egg is not fertilised in a human female.



When an egg is not fertilized in a human female, it lives for about one day. Then, the thickened lining of the uterus breaks leading to discharge of blood and mucus along with the unfertilised egg. This is called menstruation, which is a cyclical process happening every month.


(e) Placenta does not attach to the uterus optimally



Placenta is a disc shaped structure in the uterus which helps in exchange of gases, nutrients and waste products between the growing embryo and mother. If the placenta does not attach the uterus optimally, nutrition and oxygen will not be provided to the growing embryo affecting its growth, which could have serious implications as well.


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