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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 

  1. The mynah perhaps needs to make some apology for his yellow stockings, since such mustard-coloured  understandings are not usual among small birds, pertaining rather to the rapacious tribe, and being thus a badge  of anything but respectability. But the mynah atones for his yellow legs, feet, and face, by the exceedingly decorous  plumage which covers the rest of him; no objection can be to his black hood, or the sober chocolate of his body colour,  or to the plain black, diversified with white, of his quills and tail.  
  2. Nevertheless as a starling our present subject is a rather big and showy bird, being certainly equal in looks to any  of his relatives in Calcutta, none of which bear the shot silk sheen of green and purple which adorns the home starling,  also a visitor to India, for this starling or Mynahs are in great force in the East, which is their true home, and the common  Mynah is a good type of the clan. 
  3. Bold, vigorous and pushing, he secures to himself a large share of all the good things in the way of insects and  fruit that may be going, and is a bird of remarkably all round abilities, though not particularly graceful in his movements.  On the ground he runs and walks well, hopping when he wants to put an extra spurt, albeit there is a swing in his gait  which is not particularly elegant. No doubt, however, he is proud of this, as it is a family characteristic; geese, which do not  not suffer from excessive modesty, have a similar style of going, are known to bear doubtable pedestrians in their quiet  way.  
  4. Mynah, unlike other ground birds, is nimble and active in a tree as well; and his flight, though not remarkably  fast, is tolerant enough for ease, and he feels sufficient confidence in it to occasionally attempt a little insect-catching  on the wing, when his quarry has got away from him on foot. When he flies, he tucks up his long yellow shanks to  his breast, showing conclusively that birds which stow their legs this way when on the wing do so by custom, not for  convenience, for from their size one would think that he would do better to stow them astern like the paddy bird and  other waders.



Q. 1. Make notes on the above passage in a suitable  format. You should use recognisable abbreviations  wherever necessary. Give a suitable title to your  passage. (5 marks) 



1) Description of mynah:  

  1. sober choc. body colour  
  2. yellow legs, feet & face  
  3. black hood  
  4. black & white quills & tail  
  5. bold and vigrs.  

2) Feeds on:  

  1. insects  
  2. fruit  

3) Movements:  

  1.  not graceful  
  2. runs & walks well on ground.  
  3.  hops to put extra spurt  
  4. swing in gait  

4) Flight of mynah: 

  1. remrkbly fast  
  2.  confident  
  3. tucks yellow shanks to breast  

                       i)   a custom  

                       ii)  not for convenience.

Key to Abbreviations  

















Q. 2. Write a summary of the passage based on your  reading. (3 marks)  


The mynah is a bold and vigorous bird.  The body colour of mynah is sober chocolate with  yellow legs, feet and face. He has a black hood  and black, diversified with white, quills and tail.  He feeds on insects and fruits. His movements  are not graceful. He can run and walk well on the ground. He does not fly fast though he seems full of confidence.

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