English Class 11

Youngsters can perform a significant role in curbing corruption. Write a speech to be given in the morning  assembly on the same topic.

You may include points like:

  • Education the need of the hour
  • Saying no to donations
  • Saying no to private tuitions
  • Promoting merit based selection
  • Equipping oneself with high education






  Role of Youth in Curbing Corruption  

1️⃣A very good morning to the respected Principal, teachers and my fellow students. Today, I, “XYZ” of class XI,  am going to present my views on the topic  “Role of youth in curbing Corruption”. 2️⃣Corruption is a habit and hence  everyone who holds an important position, is susceptible to it. There are people who can compete for certain jobs with greater chances of corruption and those who don’t have the chance, expect to minimise the corruption and keep complaining about it. 3️⃣But preventing and eradicating corruption is an absolute requirement for a better public life. As personal integrity is at stake, adolescents must rise to the fight against corruption on a personal level. Education is the key to eradicating corruption. 4️⃣Young people must say "no" to donations and private lessons. We need to promote a system of job selection based on merit, not bribery. Higher education is the key to eradicating corruption in our country. 5️⃣Ultimately, it is to form a national character. Nationality is nothing but a collective consciousness combined with courage. Don't turn young people into money machines. We must commit today to ending corruption at all levels.  

Thank you 

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