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Career conscious students focus primarily on academics and neglect participation in games and sports, not  realizing how important physical activities are. You are Vineet/Vinita. Prepare a speech in 120-150 words to be  delivered in the morning assembly of your school on the topic, ‘Balancing Academics and Sports’.






     Academic and Sports - The right balance   

1️⃣A very warm good morning to the respected Principal, worthy Teachers and my dear friends. Today I, Vineet Singh of class XI, stand  before you to express my views on the topic ‘Academic and Sports - The right balance’.  2️⃣‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is an age-old proverb. It emphasizes the importance of sports in student life. In a fiercely competitive world, career-minded students forget their playground. They mostly focus on science and neglect participation in games and sports. Only good grades in subjects count towards them. 3️⃣Parents must work with schools to instill a culture of "play" in children from an early age so that it accompanies them for life. We all know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Today's children are largely inactive and unhealthy due to their sedentary lifestyle. Sports and physical education are the best remedies for children to lead a healthy lifestyle. 4️⃣Regular physical activity helps control or reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis, and improves metabolism. Sports and games keep us energetic and active. They take away all our lethargy. Apart from that, they are helpful in case of need. They increase endurance and improve blood circulation. All of this leads to relaxation and improves concentration and memory. So academics and sports are connected in some way. Therefore, indoor games also help us rejuvenate. Games like chess improve concentration. Our mental performance also improves through games. 5️⃣Finding the right balance between science and sport can be an eyesore and requires a team approach to achieve it. You need help, guidance, and communication. Children benefit from sports, and through their interests, they gain quality academic experience and can steer their lives in the right direction.. 

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