English Class 11

Should schools promote Coaching Institutes? Taking a cue from the points given below and using your own  ideas, write a debate speech for or against the topic in about 150 words. 

  • Despite CBSE’s ban, Coaching Centers are running classes in schools.
  • Teachers from Coaching Institutes teach subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics whereas English and Physical Education continue to be taught by the School faculty.
  • Classes in separate sections from 8am to 12 pm for the CBSE and Competitive Examination.






  Should Schools Promote Coaching Institutes?   

1️⃣Respected members of the jury, principal, teachers and dear friends, a pleasant morning to you all. Today I,  “XYZ” of XI C, have got the golden opportunity to express my views against the motion ‘Should Schools Promote Coaching Institutes?’ 


2️⃣School sponsorship of coaching institutions has become a recent trend. Teachers from coaching institutions visit schools to teach so-called difficult subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, while English and PE continue to be taught by school teachers. where you go to school. Does this indicate that teachers hire the services of coaching centers because they are unable to teach the subject, or is there a commercial mindset behind it? 3️⃣CBSE has banned such things but some schools still continue the practice. This places an additional burden on both students and parents. Students cannot focus on the regular school schedule, only on exam-centric schedules. Since they have not studied the normal course laid down by the Board, they are deprived of the basic knowledge that a child should receive at this stage. These integrated courses poke a hole in the pockets of parents who have to bear the brunt of the financial burden as these coaching classes charge high fees. 4️⃣It is desirable to take strict measures against schools that offer such courses. Parents should also step forward and refuse their children to attend these courses. We must avoid falling into the trap of such courses.

Thank You. 

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