English Class 11

“Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities.” Write a debate in 120-150  words either for or against the motion.






      Private Cars should be Banned   

1️⃣A very good morning to the respected judges and teachers,  Today, I stand before you to present my views for the motion on the topic ‘Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities’.  

2️⃣There are an infinite number of cars on the streets every day. Congestion has become a fairly common problem and has only increased in the last decade. In my opinion, allowing private vehicles in crowded commercial areas only exacerbates this problem. Long traffic jams not only mean more fuel consumption, but more people suffering from pollution-induced respiratory illnesses. 3️⃣I believe that people's use of public transport to commute, their use of taxis and carpooling, and their driving of CNG-powered vehicles will greatly reduce the problems of increasing pollution and severe traffic congestion. I firmly believe it can be done. 4️⃣The earth belongs to all of us and it is our duty to protect it and keep it clean for future generations and to stop abusing the amount of petroleum available to us and avoid pollution. 


Thank you for listening to my views patiently.  


Thank You. 

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