• Minerals are an indispensable part of our lives .
  • Almost everything that we use is made up of minerals, from a tiny pin to a ship or to a huge building.
  • Minerals are those elements on the earth and in foods that our bodies need to develop and function normally.

What is a mineral?

  • Geologists define mineral as a homogenous, naturally occurring substance with a definable internal structure. 
  • Minerals are found in varied forms in nature, ranging from the hardest diamond to the softest talc.
  • Rocks are combinations of homogenous substances called minerals. Some rocks like limestone consist of a single mineral only.
  • Over 2000 minerals have been identified, only a few are abundantly found on Earth.
  • A particular mineral that will be formed under certain combination of elements depends on the physical and chemical conditions under which the material forms.
  • Which in turn, results in a wide range of colours, hardness, crystal forms, lustre and density that a mineral possesses. 
  • Geologists use these properties for classifying minerals.

For general and commercial purposes, minerals can be classified under :

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