The total number of inhabitants of a specific area, like a city, country, or any other location.   


A Census is an official enumeration of the population of a country that is recorded periodically.   

Population Density

Population density is calculated as the number of persons per unit area. 

Population growth

Proportional change in a country's population over a given time period.

Annual growth rate

The rate or pace of population increas e. It is studied in percent per annum.   

Birth rate

The birth rate is the number of live births per thousand persons in a year.  

Death rate

It is the number of deaths per thousand persons in a year.   


Migration is the movement of people across regions and territories. 


According to the Census, a “literate” person is one who is 7 years old and can read and write any language with understanding

NPP 2000

The National Population Policy (NPP), 2000 is the central government's second population policy. The NPP states its immediate o bjective as addressing the unmet needs for contraception, healthcare infrastructure, and health personne l, and providing integrated service delivery for basic reproductive and child healthcare.

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