Describe any five features of Montane Forests of India.



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Features of Montane forests-

  1. In mountainous areas, the decrease in temperature with increasing altitud e leads to the corresponding change in natural vegetation.

  2. The wet temperate type of forests is found between a height of 1000 and 2000 meters.

  3. Evergreen broad-leaf trees, such as oaks and chestnuts predominate.

  4. Between 1500 and 3000 meters , temperate forests containing coniferous trees, like pine, deodar, silver fir, spruce, and cedar, are found.

  5. These forests cover mostly the southern slopes of the Himalayas , places having high altitudes in southern and northeast India.

  6. Silver fir, junipers, pines, and birches are the common trees of these forests.

  7. At higher altitudes, mosses and lichens form part of tundra vegetation.

  8. The common animals found in these forests are Kashmir stag, spotted dear, wild sheep, jackrabbit, Tibetan antelope, yak, snow leopard, squirrels, Shaggy horn wild ibex, bear and rare red panda, sheep, and goats with thick hair.

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