Natural vegetation

 A plant community that has grown naturally without human aid is called natural vegetation. 

Virgin vegetation

Natural vegetation that has been left undisturbed by humans for a long time is called virgin  vegetation. 


It is typically referred to as its flora and fauna. 


Flora refers to the plants of a particular region or period.   


Fauna is the collective term for the species of animals in a particular region or period.

Biosphere Reserves

It is a forest area where all types of flora and fauna are preserved in their natural environment,  e.g., Nanda Devi.  

National Parks

They are relatively large areas where one or several ecosystems exist and where plants and animal species, geomorphological sites, and habitats are of special educative and recreative interests, e.g., Jim  Corbett Park.   

Wildlife Sanctuary

It is similar to a national park but is dedicated to protecting wildlife and conserving species, e.g., Gir  Lion

Mangroove forests

The mangrove tidal forests are found in the areas of coasts influenced by tides. Mud and silt get accumulated on such coasts.

Tropical Evergreen Forest

Tropical Evergreen forests are restricted to heavy rainfall areas of the Western Ghats and the island groups of Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar, upper parts of Assam and Tamil Nadu coast. They do best where there is a short dry season and more than 200 cm of rainfall each year.

Tropical Deciduos Forest

They are also called monsoon forests and spread over the region receiving rainfall between 200 cm and 70 cm.Trees of this forest type shed their leaves for about six to eight weeks in dry summer. These forests are further divided into moist and dry deciduous.

Montane Forest

In mountainous areas, the decrease in temperature with increasing altitud e leads to the corresponding change in natural vegetation. The wet temperate type of forests is found between a height of 1000 and 2000 meters.

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