Describe the climatic conditions of India during Retreating Monsoon.



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Climatic conditions of India during  Retreating Monsoon are:

  1. This season is also known as Post Monsoons (The Transition Season). During October and November , the monsoon trough or low-pressure trough over the northern plains weakens due to the apparent movement of the sun to the south. 
  2. The s outhwest monsoon winds begin to weaken and withdraw gradually.
  3. By the beginning of October, the monsoon withdraws from the Northern Plains.
  4. The months of October and November mark the transition from the hot rainy season to the dry winter conditions.  
  5. Clear skies and a rise in temperature signal the end of the monsoon. While the days are hot, the nights are cool and pleasant.
  6. Northern India experiences a r apid drop in temperature in the second half of October.

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