Conservation of Resources

  • Conservation of resources means using natural resources carefully without wasting them .

  •  When we use natural resources properly for today’s need and also conserve them for the future generations, it is called sustainable development . The use of resources should be sustainable.

  • In early times, the density of population was low and the needs of human beings were limited . They were dependent on plants and animals, which were easily available in the environment.

  • Thus, they never felt the need for the conservation of resources.

  • With scientific and technological progress, human beings started using resources at a much larger scale.

  • The continuous rise in population also caused an increasing demand for resources.

  • This created a situation in which the non-renewable resources could be exhausted after some time.

  • Therefore, a balance between population growth and the utilization of resources is absolutely necessary.

  • In recent times, a lot of awareness about preservation and conservation of resources and the environment has been created.

  • This is due to the fear of a situation which may arise as a result of large-scale destruction of natural resources.

  • Each one of us has to make a sincere effort to save our natural resources for the future of our planet.

  • Our future is actually dependent upon our ability to maintain and preserve the life support system which nature has provided. 

  • Thus, we must reduce the damage done to our natural environment.
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