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Natural Resources

  • Natural resources are the natural endowments , such as land, air, water, soil, minerals, natural vegetation and fossil fuels .

  • Some natural resources can be used directly by us, i.e. without any modification or processing . However, most natural resources need to be processed to produce goods fit for human consumption.

  • Natural resources provide us raw materials , which have to be processed into useful products fit for human consumption.

  • The place where natural resources occur influences their use. For example, some mineral resources occur on the earth’s surface while others may occur deep under the earth. It is difficult to mine beyond a depth of about 2,000m. Therefore, minerals occurring at such depths cannot be used by human beings.

  • The utility of any natural resource is determined by the following factors:

    • The form in which it occurs.
    • The place where it occurs.
    • The efforts needed to process it.
    • The cost of processing it.

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