Which of the following is a biotic resource?


A. Minerals

B. Sunlight

C. Grasses

D. Land



Answer by Student

So, the correct answer is (C) Grasses

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo


Let’s understand what are biotic and abiotic resources first.

  • Biotic resources are those resources that are living or derived from living organisms, such as plants, animals and microorganisms. They are renewable and can reproduce under favourable conditions.

  • Abiotic resources are those resources that are obtained from physical or non-living environment, such as land, water, air, minerals and power resources. They are non-renewable and cannot be replaced once exhausted.

Now, let’s check all the options

  • Option (A) Minerals - Minerals are abiotic resources that are found in the earth’s crust. They are non-renewable and have to be extracted and processed to make useful products. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (B) Sunlight - Sunlight is an abiotic resource that is obtained from the sun. It is inexhaustible and renewable. It can be used to generate solar energy. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (C) Grasses - Grasses are biotic resources that are derived from plants. They are renewable and can grow under favourable conditions. They can be used as fodder for animals or as biofuel. So, this is correct .

  • Option (D) Land - Land is an abiotic resource that is part of the earth’s surface. It is non-renewable and limited. It can be used for agriculture, industry or settlement. So, this is incorrect .

Thus, option (C) is correct

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