Match column A with Column B.

Column A Column B
I. Natural Resources a. Water, soil, forest
II. Renewable Resources b. Water, air, land, soil
III. Non - Renewable Resources c. Coal , petroleum, natural gas


A. I - c , II - a , III - b

B. I - b , II - a , III - c

C. I - a , II - b , III - c

D. I - b , II - c , III - a



Answer by Student

So, the correct answer is option (B):   I - b , II - a , III - c

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

Let's match each term in column A with the correct option in column B.

  • Natural Resources - Water, air, land, soil   are all natural resources that are obtained from the physical or non-living environment.

Thus, (I) matches with (b)

  • Renewable Resources - Water, soil, forest are all r enewable resources that can be renewed by reproduction or by physical processes. Water can be recycled, soil can be replenished and forest can be regenerated.

Thus, (II) matches with (a)

  • Non - Renewable Resources - Coal , petroleum, natural gas   are all non-renewable resources that are obtained from the earth’s crust. They are fossil fuels that are formed over millions of years and cannot be replaced once exhausted.

Thus, (III) matches with (c)


Thus, the correct answer is option (B):   I - b , II - a , III - c

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